Overview for Technicians
Online Repair Orders, Invoices, and Estimates
  Fleetvendor.com brings powerful software tools to technicians. It provides for invoicing, expense tracking, estimates, electronic billing, collections, approval and tracking processes for vehicle repairs. It can be your total solution for invoicing, collections, expenses and reporting.  Pricing as low as $10 per month!

Key Benefits/Features:
Get Paid faster
Make billing and collecting easier
Manage costs
Manage expenses
Manage Receipts
Custom Reporting
No special software to install
Run from almost any computer with Internet Access
We do Backups for you
Export data to Excel, PDF and other formats
Apply discounts to invoices upon receipt
Add and manage your own users
Receive automatic emails when invoices are approved by fleet
Templates can be created to make invoicing routine or complex items such as Preventative
Maintenance very easy and quick
Estimates can be converted into an actual invoice without re-keying data. This also allows for comparison of estimates to invoices
  Invoices and estimates are entered via the Internet and stored electronically. They are available to you via a web interface and can be viewed, printed, emailed or sent electronically. You have unlimited access 24 hours a day.

Fleetvendor can use standard VMRS coding formats. The coding format used helps to ensure accurate entry of repair information and provides for detailed reporting and analysis.

The approval process helps ensure you have proper approval and documentation to receive payment for work.

The application provides an elaborate user creation and authority process that allows you to create your own users and assign permissions.

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