Overview for Fleets
Online Repair Orders, Invoices, and Estimates
  Fleetvendor provides for accurate data accumulation, cost management, invoicing, estimates and approval and tracking processes for vehicle repairs. We offer a direct electronic feed to your maintenance and / or accounting systems and a database of your fleet information to your repair vendors. We assist in the elimination of paper, and data entry by the fleet while still providing paper as an option.

Typical 6 Step Process
  Vendor Does Repair
  Vendor Writes Invoice
  Vendor Delivers Invoice
  Fleet Manager Approves
  Manager Sends For Data Entry
  Data Is Manually Entered
Our Electronic Solution
  Vendor Does Repair
  Vendor Enters Invoice
  Fleet Manager Approves
  Invoices and estimates are entered by your vendors and stored electronically. They are available to you via a web interface and also can be sent via electronic means. This includes email and/or FTP directly to your maintenance and/or accounting systems. Also, a PDF version can be viewed, printed, saved or emailed using Adobe Acrobat reader.

Your maintenance personnel can automatically be notified via email and given direct links to view, approve, print or get reports on invoices and estimates.

Fleetvendor can use standard VMRS coding formats. The coding format used helps to ensure detailed and accurate entry of repair information. This format also allows for detailed analysis of repair history.

Estimates can be converted to Invoices to eliminate re-keying of data. This also relates the estimate to the invoice for comparison of the two.

Estimates and invoices can include VMRS codes and descriptions as well as detail line charge types and descriptions. Charge types and associated g/l codes can be maintained by a designated system administrator(s).

Templates may be created to allow for quick entry of pre-defined operations (i.e. PMs, brakes, tires, etc….).

The approval process allows for multiple levels of approval and can be set up with dollar limits by both location and equipment type. The software does not limit the number of user locations, unit types or approval levels. The equipment type is derived from the unit database for each fleet.

The application provides an elaborate user creation and authority process that allows an administrator to create users and assign permissions and approval limits. The administrator can also give other user levels the authority to create users.

The reporting screen allows for creation of custom reports with the selection / de-selection of most fields on estimates and/or invoices. This data can then be exported to several formats including Excel, XML, html, PDF and text.

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